The Berkeley County Sheriffs Department is among West Virginia’s finest. The office is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year with one purpose in mind… to serve and protect the people.

  • 58 Uniformed Officers
  • 20 Court Marshalls (Bailiffs)
  • 5 Dispatch/Secretaries
  • 2 Administrative Assistance
  • 7 Animal Control Officers
  • 2 Community Service Personnel

Officers are deployed in 3 shifts to cover around the clock service.

In charge of operations

Chief Deputy D. S. Wilson

Captain W. Johnson
Civil Process and Courts/Civilian Staff

Captain W. Johnson
Patrol Supervisor

SRT Team

The Berkeley County Sheriffs Office is especially proud of this group of highly trained officers who respond when needed to control very dangerous situations. Learn more about the Special Response Team

Dive Team

Alternative Service

Contact:  Jason Scales or Robert Showe  304-267-7000

The Alternative Community Service Program has provided service to the Criminal Justice System in Berkeley County since 1994. The program was developed through cooperation with the Berkeley County Commission and the Berkeley County Sheriffs Office.

The program mission is to provide a diversion alternative for selected juvenile and offenders charged with minor violations of the criminal code. The avoidance of unnecessary penetration into the Criminal Justice System while providing assistance in the form of Community Service are primary goals of the program. Meaningful and constructive volunteer work helps the offender maintain a sense of dignity and successful completion results in defrayed jail costs. The program has served well over 1,000 clients and contributed well of 50,000 hours of community service .


Deputy Reserves

A Deputy Reserve Unit was founded in 1971 by Sheriff Charles Calvin Bayer. The Deputy Reserves are comprised of citizen volunteers who selflessly give of their time in service to the community. Men and women who serve in the Deputy Reserve Unit are issued uniforms and have access to a limited pool of vehicles. They provide hundreds of hours of free time each month in valuable support to the community as they patrol the county, direct traffic at special events and traffic accidents or whenever assistance is requested.

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