Special Response Team

The Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) is a specially trained unit that responds to high risk incidents. The team is comprised of deputies from the patrol and court security divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. There are currently fourteen members assigned to the team on a part-time basis. SRT members must complete a basic SRT/SWAT 40 hour course after being accepted to the team. SRT members then receive monthly training in various tactical operations to include: building clearing and entry, vehicle assaults, chemical munitions deployment, and rifle/pistol marksmanship.

The goals of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office SRT are:

  • To respond to any high risk situation that may threaten the safety of citizens or fellow law enforcement officers.
  • To maintain a high degree of training and readiness
  • To be able to mobilize and respond at any time of the day or night, no matter the situation or weather.
  • To use the minimum amount of force necessary to safely resolve any situation.

The decision to activate the SRT for a call-out is made by the Sheriff of Berkeley County.

Special Response Team Command Structure

Sheriff: Curtis Keller

Team Commander: Sgt. Brendan Hall

Team Leader: Sgt. Brendan Hall

Assistant Team Leader: Cpl. M. Rephann

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